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Vasco da Gama Capa de Oro 5`s

The Vasco da Gama Corona Capa de Oro No. 2 Carribean is characterized by its fine Caribbean wrapper, which shimmers slightly golden. The machine-made short filler impresses with its high-quality workmanship and mild-spicy aromas of earth and wood. The cedar leaf that wraps the coronas provides even better flavor protection.

Flavor: Mild-spicy Aromas

PerBox / 5 sticks


Vasco Da Gama Vanilla No.2 Corona Sumatra 5's

Cigars with a mild taste and aroma of vanilla. Each cigar is wrapped in Cedar bark, thus emphasizing its flavor and making it easier to light with its use. Each cigar is packed in its own cellophane 

Flavor: Vanilla

PerBox / 5 sticks

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Vasco Da Gama Oporto Port 3`s

The Vasco da Gama “Porto Wine Cigar” is an Aged Rozes Port flavoured cigar with rich and full flavour of port wine.It takes you from the finest tobaccos of the world to the best vineyards in Portugal, the home country of Vasco da Gama. The cigar is stored in a cellar together with port wine. During this special aging process, the cigar adopts the port aroma and develops a unique taste. To ensure quality and taste all the cigars are individually packed in an aluminium tube.

Flavor: Rich Full Flavour

PerBox / 3 sticks

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