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Montecristo Edmundo Tubo

The Montecristo Edmundo Tubos are the same cigars as the standard Edmundo but packaged in an attractive Aluminium tube. The Montecristo Edmundo was introduced in 2004 to answer the demands of new smokers trends. Smokers have gradually swayed towards the Robustos size, which was missing from the Montecristo line up. This provides a more intense, fulfilling smoke with a shorter burn time compared to a cigar with similar tobacco content. The Edmundo has an easy draw so smoke slowly to avoid the smoke being too hot. The cigar has a spicy-salty flavour and leaves a pleasant saltiness on the palate. The cigar is well constructed and has a nice wrapper. This is the petite Edmundo's big brother, it beholds all the same qualities but provides enjoyment for longer. It requires some commitment so would only be recommended for experienced smokers.

Flavour: Medium to Full

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

Montecristo Open Eagle Tubos

The Montecristo Open Eagle is a premium Cuban cigar, Robusto XL size. The big ring gauge allows a fresh and smooth smoke and reveals light woody and spicy aromas. There is a nice second cigar band around the wrapper with the golden letter OPEN and the vitola name “Eagle”. The Montecristo Open Eagle Tubos comes in 5 packs of 3 individual aluminum tubes.

Diameter: 21.43mm
Ring Guage:54
Flavour: Mild

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

Montecristo Open Master

First robusto size in Montecristo family and the second cigar of the Montecristo Open line. Master represents a true beauty of craftsmanship in making of a Cuban cigar. We have an incredible construction and a perfect balance between flavor and aromas but enough power for it to be considered an outdoor cigar. The Open series explores light woody/leathery aromas on a mild tobacco backdrop. 

Diameter: 19.84mm
Ring Guage:50

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

Montecristo Club 20

With exquisite blend from leaves of Vuelta Abajo. Montecristo small cigars flavours continues to attract both new and experienced smokers. Montecristo, the most emblematic of Habanos brands has the classic flavour of Cuban tobacco, and recognized as the leading premium cigar brand of the world. 

Ring Guage:22

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 20 sticks

Montecristo No.4 Cabinet Selection 25's

Not the best cigar in the world and can be unreliable but has some potential with good ageing. Main coffee flavour with cocoa and vanilla blended in great harmony and a medium tobacco taste. A minimum ageing of at least three years is recommended for this cigar to find its real potential. The draw was near perfect but I had to fight with it to keep the burning even. 

Ring Guage:42
Flavour: Medium

PerBox / 25 sticks

Montecristo Tubos

It’s hard to give a high rating for this cigar and yes I’ve had a lot worse but this could be so much better. Great looks, good smell and construction so I looked forward to smoking this one for some time. It was smooth yes but lacked the aroma and tasting notes that should be present from this brand. 

Ring Guage:42

PerBox / 25 sticks

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