Macanudo Gigante 10's

Macanudo Inspirado Gigantes 10 er Crate Cigars. The Macanudo Inspirado is a longfiller with inlay tobaccos of Honduras and Nicaragua. The cover is grown in Jamastran Vally / Honduras. The best of the San Augustin Valley, also in Honduras, is the oily and aromatic Rosado cover, which adorns the formats of the Inspirado.

Length: 150mm

PerBox / 10 sticks

Macanudo Inspirado Black Robusto

The Inspirado Black Robusto Tubo cigar brings a fresh new look and bolder flavor profile to the famous Macanudo cigar brand. Protected in elegant tubes, it’s the perfect stick to bring to the golf course or special events without needing a cigar case. Brimming with complex notes of spice, dark chocolate, coffee, roasted nuts, and creamy cocoa, it’s a complex and satisfying full bodied smoke all the way through.  

Length: 48.8mm
Ring Size:48

PerBox / 20 sticks

Macanudo Inspirado Diplomat

The Macanudo Inspirado Diplomat is a great cigar from a well-established, best-selling and most popular manufacturer in the US The covers and binder come from Honduras and the filler comes from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. The integumentary leaf is smooth, even and velvety. The range of taste is rich and balanced. Due to the unusual shape, the taste changes during smoking, constantly revealing new nuances. The palate combines deep woody notes, salty earthy notes and honey-sweet notes of fruits and flowers.

Manufacturer: Honduras
Format:Figurado perfecto

PerBox / 10 sticks

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