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WTF! Shisharillo is a brand-new blend of shisha and cigarillo.
It is introducing BIG 'N TIPSY! BIG SHISHARILLO with a Tipsy mouthpiece & has 5 sticks in it perfectly wrapped for you. It will be bursting with your favourite shisha flavours!

WTF! LIT Big 'n Tipsy 5's

Taste: Dark Berry

PerBox / 5 sticks

WTF! CRAY Big 'n Tipsy 5's

Taste: Apple

PerBox / 5 sticks

WTF! SHEEESH Big 'n Tipsy 5's

Taste: Vanilla

PerBox / 5 sticks

WTF! SQUAD Big 'n Tipsy 5's

Taste: Lemon

PerBox / 5 sticks

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