H. Upmann Coronas Major

In consistent production since 1937, this beloved cigar has stood the test of time, being such a safe bet, and such a reliable lighter-bodied cigar. It’s cool draw and various gentle flavours make it the ideal go to cigar for the aficionado that favours a delicate smoke. It’s subtle pepper finish rounds it off nicely.

Flavour: Light to Medium
Length: 5 1/8″ (129 mm)
Ring Gauge: 42 ring gauge

PerBox / 25 sticks

H.Upmann Coronas Minor

H. Upmann Coronas Minor are a lovely cigar in a moderate size, known as a Petit Corona or Coronoitas vitola, that measures at 116mm with a 40 ring gauge. We found earthy flavours of wood and light pepper to come up first, while new leather and hints of baking spices came through after the first third offering a rich sweetness to the experience. We found the flavours to mellow out as we puffed through this stick, and the profile stayed below a medium strength until the end, which took approximately 45 minutes. If you find that H. Upmann smokes are generally too strong for you, this could be an excellent solution, with its smooth flavours and mild/medium strength and body. An excellent brunch smoke alongside a creamy cappuccino to complement the subtle flavours of this cigar.

Length: 116mm
Ring Gauge: 40

Strength: Mild-Medium                                                                                  

Average Time: 15-30 mins

PerBox / 25 sticks

H.Upmann Magnum 46

The H.Upmann Magnum 46 is a Cuban classic, a rich and complex medium-full Coronas Gorda. It is one of the most popular cigars of the brand with huge aging potential, with a strong following. Sadly The H. Upmann Magnum 46 is not as popular as it should be. However this Upmann has garnered its own accolades over the past few years, since 2003 the cigar has been rated twice, each time scoring 92 points. 

Length: 143mm
Ring Gauge: Heavy

Strength: Light-Medium                                                                                  
Average Time: 90-105 mins

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

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H.Upmann Magnum 50

The H Upmann Magnum 50 is a classic Cuban medium smoke, of Double Robusto format. Very elegant, it has all the characteristics and taste of a H Upmann cigar. A superb cigar that any cigar connoisseur ought to try. Released as a Limited Edition in 2005, due to its huge success, Habanos decided to make it a standard production in 2008, to the delight of its many experts.

Length: 160mm
Ring Gauge: Heavy

Strength: Solid medium                                                                                  
Average Time: 90-120 mins

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

H.Upmann Magnum 54

The H.Upmann Magnum 54, a 2016 version but with a very complex and elegant smoke. Although it is still a young cigar, it shows a perfect construction with a lot of complexity. Great potential for aging.  A perfect cigar for casual and experienced smokers, ideal for afternoon or before dinner smoke. 

Length: 120mm
Ring Gauge: Heavy
Average Time: 55 mins

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

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