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Partagas Coronas Senior Tubos

The Partagas Coronas Senior Cigar is beautifully packaged and wrapped individually in aluminium tubes. Named after founder Don Jaime Partagas, the Partagas represents one of the most renowned Cuba Cigar names in the world, whose work reflects the highest standards.

With a length of 132mm, the Partagas Coronas Senior is a fantastic option for beginners and a great introduction to the Partagas collection.

The full-bodied cigar has an intense, woody flavour with a compelling, earthy taste. Its high-quality wrapper makes it luxury in a box

PerBox / 25 sticks

Partagas Club 20's

The Partagas Club is a wonderful little cigar for every moment. It has an authentic Cuban taste, moderate intensity and the unique character of Partagas! 

Ring Guage:22
Strength: Strong

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 4 sticks

Partagas Coronas Junior Tubos 25's

Subtle peppery and earthy flavours on a medium tobacco. Slightly milder than your usual Partagas smoke, this Corona junior is a pleasant warmer weather cigar. The Tubes suit an outdoor smoke. 

Ring Guage:40

PerBox / 25 sticks

Partagas Deluxe Tubos 10/25's

A well-made corona whose draw imparts coffee, cedar and coconut notes. Well balanced and a lot of flavor for such a small cigar. Flavors evolve into black tea, toasted caramel with an overall floral tone. Very tasty and satisfying cigar. 

Ring Guage:40
Strength: Medium to Full

PerBox / 10 sticks OR 25 sticks

Partagas Serie E No.2 Tubos 15's

The new Partagás Serie E No.2 (54 ring gauge x140mm length) inaugurates a  new Partagas Serie,  exclusively created with a ring gauge of 54, greatest ring gauge up to now presented in parejos for this brand: as an innovation to its image, a flap to separate the cigars in the box and an exterior lithographed piece of paper has been added to make the wooden boxes of the brand more easily identifiable in the outlets. 

Ring Guage:54
Strength:Medium to Full

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

Partagas Serie D No.4 Tubos 15's

The Partagas Serie D No.4 Cigar is a Robusto favourite of many aficionados. The Robustos vitola has proven popular in the Cuban cigar world-measuring at 124mm by a 50 ring gauge. The full-bodied smoke provides a complex and powerful experience to the smoker. It delivers earthy flavours, eventually introducing spicy notes. Both flavours that complement one another beautifully. 

Ring Guage:52
Strength: Medium to Full Bodied

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

Partagas Serie D No.5 Tubos 15's

First seen in the 2008 Habanos Edicion Limitada line, the Partagas Serie D No.5 is now a regular production cigar. Big ring gauge (50) and intense flavours of leather and wood, this small Robusto is an ideal break time smoke and handy in a tubos pack. 

Ring Guage:50
Strength:Medium to Full

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 3 sticks

Partagas Seris Mini 20's

Nice cigarillo that packs the flavors from its big brother the Serie D No.4 in a 10 minutes smoke. Medium to full body with lots of earthy and peppery notes. Premium tobacco quality from the Vuelta Abajo region, as every Partagas cigars. A great pick for cigarillos aficionados which like complex smokes and also for premium cigars enthusiasts.

Ring Guage:20
Shape:Mini Panetela 

PerOuter / 5 boxes

PerBox / 4 sticks

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