Raw Cone Tips Maestro 32 pieces, 1 Booklet

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RAW Tips Maestro Cone 32 Leaves Per Booklet

  • Perforated
  • Allow perfect cone rolling
  • Longer cone tip for larger filter
  • Chlorine & chemical free
  • 32 Leaves Per Booklet

RAW Maestro Tips are made with the softer hemp cotton paper. They're easier to roll and cut longer with the cross perforations for extra support and trick rolling ease. Although the Maestro tips are longer, both tips have the same width.
Rolling Paper Tips are an important part of rolling your own cigarette. Some people mistakenly call these ‘filters’ but they are NOT filters (they don’t filter anything out, they’re just a tip / spacer).

RAW has the largest selection of tips in the marketplace. You can choose from RAW Classic tips or RAW Hemp Cotton Tips. We now even make gummed tips and pre-rolled tips (Josh made these for himself b/c he was getting old and lazy…).

  1. Prevents having soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
  2. Conserves your tobacco, no wasted ends.
  3. Strengthens your cigarette and gives if better shape.
  4. Prevents tobacco from going into your mouth (no “PAH-TEWing”)

 RAW Prerolled Cone Tips are made naturally and completely unrefined. These tips are not filters, they act as a spacer to prevent your cigarette from getting soggy, sloppy or from clogging at the end. They also prevent you from wasting the end of your cigarette.

By using a stable filter at the smoking end of your cigarette it also allows for a more comfortable smoke (less tobacco falling out the back end) and shape. The RAW Filter tips come pre-rolled for both immediate and easy use

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