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Hokirin Electric Rolling Machine 6.5mm/8mm, 1unit

RM 299.00

Hokirin Electric Rolling Machine

*size -6.5mm

*size - 8mm

The HOKirin Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is an automatic rolling machine that is designed to work with king-size, 100 mm, and regular tubes. It comes with a hopper and storage tray, making it easy to load and organize your tobacco. The silver finish gives it a sleek look and makes it a great addition to any space. However, the quality and durability of this product seem to be lacking based on customer reviews. Many customers have complained that the machine breaks down after only a few uses. Some reported that it stopped working completely, while others stated that it made a funny noise and shut off, never to turn back on again. Although the price may be decent, customers are not satisfied with the short lifespan of the product. Some customers have also mentioned that the machine requires a lot of effort to operate. They have to use two hands to pull it down, and it gets stuck if the tobacco is packed too tightly. One customer even stated that it would be better to have a rotary electric machine, as it would be easier to use. Overall, while the HOKirin Electric Cigarette Injector Machine may seem like a good option based on its features, the quality and durability of the product seem to be lacking, as it reportedly breaks down after only a few uses

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