Glass Twisty Blunt SMK Pipe , 1 unit

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Glass Twisty Blunt SMK Pipe , 1 unit

Product Description: Material: Silicone Metal Glass 

Color: Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold. 

Features: 1. Newest Design Glass Twisty Blunt Plus for Herb 

2. Quartz glass, Unique and Newest, With High Quality 

3. Easy to Use 

How to use: Pack up to 1.5 grams of whatever you want into the glass tube and spin the screw counter-clockwise into the tube. To ash your contents, simply spin the screw clockwise and the contents will get pushed out the glass. 

Package Included: 

1 X 7P Mini V2 

2 X Cleaning Brush 

1 X O Ring 

1 X Gift Box

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