Falcon Starter Kit Pipe Set


Be part of Falcon Pipe Club Member. Purchase Falcon Pipe Set and get FREE Clipper Lighter Jetflame.

How to get FREE Clipper Lighter Jetflame?

1. Make a purchase of Falcon Pipe Set thru our partner website myromeo.online
2. Upon purchase, Falcon pipe set will be send out immediately.
3. Receive the Falcon pipe and take a photo with Falcon pipe creatively.
4. Whatsapp/Wechat/Email your photo to our team
     - Whatsapp : wa.me/60162205360 wa.me/60162205526
     - Wechat : ID - romeogift
     - Email : mytembakaushopcs@gmail.com
5. Kindly inform us after send, and we will send out the FREE Clipper Lighter Jetflame.

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